Video Editing

  • 3 editing rooms
  • 4k and over native files management
  • Updated Avid Media Composer
  • Avid projects sharing system
  • Bin Locking to ensure safety
  • Air-conditioned rooms with landlines and Wi-Fi internet connection


Our video post-production activities integrate seamlessly with our sound post-production activities by operating simultaneously on our compatible equipment and softwares, and thanks to our fully hardwired and interconnected audio/video/data lines.

Our editing rooms are always provided with the latest version of Avid Media Composer which includes a high speed Project Sharing function with a 24 TB dedicated capacity.

Results guaranteed, better work quality, cost and time efficient!

Color Correction/Grading

  • Video color correction on 4K calibrated monitors
  • Color correction in screening room
  • Management of native files of any resolution
  • Davinci Resolve Studio
  • High performance shared storage
  • Air-conditioned rooms with landlines and Wi-Fi internet connection

Color correction allows for finalizing your work before DCP conversion or delivery to television companies.

Our technology is always updated. Our great attention to details, and the right touch of creativity will help you realize your project.

Digital Cinema

  • DCP conversion
  • Audio/video test screening
  • Multiple-copy burning
  • Color correction on existing DCPs
  • Audio correction on existing DCPs
  • Reasonable prices for everyone

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