• Color grading on cinema screen or grade 1 monitor
  • Hardware calibration ensured
  • File management of native resolutions higher than 4k
  • High performance and capacity storage
  • Maximum security for your data
  • Remote / collaborative grading

DaVinci Resolve “VIDEO”


Our DaVinci Resolve workstation for color correction is ideal for all HD, 2k o 4k projects.

Our 27″ HP Dreamcolor monitor is calibrated on a regular basis, and is designed to display colors and images with maximum fidelity.

Thanks to the Tangent Element control surface, the operator can efficiently manage the most advanced functions of the DaVinci Resolve software which allows to smoothly work in real time on materials with resolutions higher than 4k, thanks to its state-of-the-art hardware workstation with SSD disks and a high performance 128 TB storage.

DaVinci Resolve “CINEMA”


Our color correction room is equipped with a wide screen and DaVince Resolve, and it’s designed for 2k or 4k film productions but it’s also perfectly suitable for any project.

Our Barco Digital Cinema projector and our Matt Plus screen guarantee a “reference display” with bright images, optimal contrast, and perfect colors in accordance with strict DCI standards.

Additionally, our JBL series Cinema sound system provides high quality audio and allows a more comfortable work session (see room specifics).

Color Correction / Grading + DCP Encoding

The best way to assess the result of the finished product is through a professional screening. We offer several solutions that include: color correction, encoding and DCP Mastering. Contact us for more details.

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