Delivery to Discovery

LTO traditional method
  • Content types selection (Footage/Graphic/Program Master)
  • Material integrity and compatibility verification
  • Conversion to LTO5/6 tapes in accordance with Discovery specifications
  • Metadata compilation
Fast Digital Delivery
  • Graphic/Program Master contents selection and verification
  • Metadata compilation
  • Fast delivery with optical fibre line


LTO backup

LTO2, LTO3, LTO4, LTO5, LTO6, LTO7 Conversion/Backup

LTO is a professional storage support, ideal for storing your data in a much durable digital archive than traditional hard disks.

  • It guarantees data storage for 30 years
  • It’s more cost effective in terms of GB/€
  • It’s shock resistant
  • Up to 750 MB/second data transfer rate
  • Uncompressed data storage up to 6 TB per cartridge (about 15 TB for compressed data)

LTO6 and LTO7 are also the professional standards for DCP and Masters storage.

For LTO backup, we can provide you with the best equipment on the market: DELL, IBM, and mLogic enclosure with LTO IBM, Tandberg and mTtape.

Supports info:
Recording cycles:1,000,000
Average life:30 years
Guarantee:mostly lifetime


Storage capacity:200GB/400GB*400GB/800GB*800GB/1600GB*1.5TB/3.0TB*2.5TB/6.25TB*6.0TB/15TB*
Maximum transfer rate:80 MB/s*120 MB/s*240 MB/s*280 MB/s*400MB/s*750MB/s*
*with 2:1 or 2.5:1 hardware compression

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