DCP Encoding and duplication.

DCP (DIGITAL CINEMA PACKAGE)  is the digital format used to convey audiovisual products, and it’s especially designed to offer a better cinema experience than 35 mm film.

As of 2014, IRP has been included in the official lists of the Digital Cinema Naming Convention, one of the industry recommendation designed to create and manage DCPs.

  • Personalized rates based on urgency
  • DCP Encoding as per DCI standards
  • DCP verification and validation
  • Technical checks and screening

  1. Low Cost* (5 day delivery)
  2. Standard (3 day delivery)
  3. Espresso (24 hour delivery)

*Low Cost service is offered under special conditions. Contact us for details.

Some of our services (Here the full list)

  • Source material check (any format)
  • Conforming according to DCI specs (2k or 4k)
  • DCP Encoding / Conversion (color space and file format verification and transformation)
  • Additional content integration (subtitles, sound, and more)
  • Mastering
  • Reverse Mastering (DCP-to-video file conversion)
  • DCP Quality Check and file integrity verification
  • DCP screening in DCI-conforming room (audio and video QC with Digital Cinema Barco projector)see room specifics
  • DCP duplication (up to 80 copies per day)
  • KDM management (content protection keys)

CRU KITS (DCP delivery)

The best way to transport or deliver your DCPs is by using kits specifically designed for digital cinema (see dedicated page)

Our kits include a Digital Cinema certified hard disk, a specially designed container to correctly ingest contents in D-cinema servers, adapters and cables. All materials come in reinforced, airtight (Ip 67), shockproof cases, equipped with automatic depressurization valve.

Our D-Cinema Kit is the safest way to transport your DCP film and protect the hard disk content.

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