[vc_heading style=”coloredline” heading_tag=”h2″ size=”20″ margin=”20″]TRANSFER OF ADVERTISING AND TRAILERS[/vc_heading]

ADSTREAM and IMD are leading companies in the world for the digital management of the production workflow, distribution and storage of advertising assets.

[vc_note]IRP is specialized in managing, conforming and transfer your commercials, trailers or audiovisual releases through Adstream or IMD[/vc_note]

Service features:

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  • transparent prices: the processing fee is unique, the price varies according to the service chosen (Adstream o IMD)
  • Content management on dedicated FTP
  • Send within 3 hours of receiving the file
  • File conversion according to specifications included in the price
  • Correction of audio mix levels according to specs
  • Immediate dispatch of the receipt of the shipment

IMPORTANT: To guarantee the service within the agreed times, advance payment is required

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Additional services on request (request a quote)

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  • Conforming SD/HD, 4:3/16:9
  • Editing, titles/graphics insert
  • Audio mix correction / remaking
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