Our elegant and comfortable DCI-compliant screening room is perfect for quality-check your films and every audiovisual contents destined to the silver screen or for high quality private screenings.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art Digital Cinema Barco projector and JBL serie Cinema sound system, it is possible to check DCPs before the official release and, eventually, operate on the contents and fix mistakes.

Special rates for post-production for DCP screening and quality check before delivery: contact us for details


  • SCOPE screen 4,50 m x 1,90 m (14ft 9in x 6ft 2in)
  • Digital Cinema Barco projector
  • Sound system: Dolby CP 750 / Crown amplifiers / JBL serie Cinema 7.1 speakers
  • Workstation for color correction designed for DaVinci Resolve (it supports 4k Real Time) with control surface
  • Workstation designed for Pro Tools HDX, Avid S3, Eucon Pro Tools Dock
  • 10 theater seatings
  • 3 operative sessions
  • Content playback from any format

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