Digital Cinema has been our specialization for years. We provide any type of DCI-conforming DCP services, as well as compatibility with Italian and international screening theatres.

Materials are carefully reviewed and checked before and after the work process in order to guarantee that the finished product is identical to the original Master Video.

    • Digital Cinema services are provided in accordance to DCI standards
    • Materials are carefully reviewed and checked before and after the work process
    • The finished products maintains the characteristics of the original
    • In situ QC before delivery

DCP - List of services

Service:Low cost (5 days)Standard (3 days)Express (24h)
Source quality verificationYesYesYes
Conforming 2kYesYesYes
Conforming 4kNoYesYes
[:enJ2k EncodingYesYesYes
3D Encoding (stereoscopic)NoYesYes
Multilingual XML subtitlesNoYesYes
Hardcoded SubtitlesYesYesYes
Additional audio tracksNoYesYes
KDM (management and support for distribution)NoYesYes
Tech assistanceYes (with some limitations)YesYes
DCP ValidationYesYesYes
DCP screening in DCI-conforming in-house roomYesYesYes (included in price)
Reverse mastering (DCP-to-file conversion)On demandOn demandOn demand
Re-wrapping (content extraction, DCP modification and re-pack)On demandOn demandOn demand
Audio services (framerate conversion, levels and more)YesYesYes
DCP duplication (up to 80 copies per day)YesYesYes
Digital Cinema Kit Rental (CRU Drive)YesYesYes
Kit Digital Cinema supplyYesYesYes
Flash Drive supplyYes (<10')Yes (<10')Yes (<10')
Distribution via safe FTPYesYesYes
LTO BackupYesYes (included in price)Yes (included in price)
Safe internal storageYesYesYes

Our DCP Encoding Low Cost service offers fixed prices and is available on special conditions.

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